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At Mundipharma South Africa, we believe in the value of building employees up. We aim to foster a supportive environment that empowers entrepreneurial thinking and encourages employees to challenge themselves and develop their skills.

Why Mundipharma?

We are a company that rewards high performance with high rewards and have a culture of individual accountability and ownership of one’s role. We have world standard ethical products and our team are positive and inspirational ambassadors of not only our products but our company culture as a whole.

Because we are part of a network of independent associated companies, we offer personal and professional development and growth both locally and internationally. At Mundipharma we like to say: We have a local focus but global experience.

Our success is largely thanks to the knowledge, expertise and commitment of our employees. It is their entrepreneurial spirit and readiness to embrace continuous development that drives our success.

Our Values

Accountability - we believe each employee should take ownership of their role and be able to make decisions, but also be accountable for them.
Agility - Our teams should be adaptable to the changing external and internal environment. They are people who do not stay down when they fall, who make mistakes, but are able to learn from them and roll with the punches.
Ambition - to thrive at Mundipharma, you need to have a hunger for success, a passion for the business and a mind-set of growth and development.
Trust - as a team, it is crucial for us to trust our colleagues and the work they are producing. Our success relies on each employee doing their part ,and doing it well.  

Khula means “grow” in IsiZulu, and embodies our aim to make sure that we are continuously learning and adapting every single day in our roles.

Encompassing everything we do in people development is our Human Capital Logo. Khula means “grow” in IsiZulu, and embodies our aim to make sure that we are continuously learning and adapting every single day in our roles.

  • we believe in tapping into our diverse range of talent who gives us a competitive advantage in terms of fresh ideas, unique personalities, as well as different perspectives and mindsets.
  • our individualism and uniqueness as Mundipharma is incorporated in the Khula logo representing the colours of the South African flag.
  • our Human Capital tagline, "Together we grow" reflects our commitment to the growth of our employees. We feel that no-one should be left behind in the journey we have embarked on in meeting our vision.
  • the bright colours represent our diversity, innovation and our ability to be bold risk takers in the industry.
  • we have many exciting and fresh learning initiatives through Khula.

What's In It For You?

At Mundipharma, we put the power in your hands. As an employee, you are the driver of your personal and professional development and we offer the tools and support to help you.

What's In It For You?